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Can antiglycolipid antibodies present in HIV-infected individuals induce immune demyelination?

S Petratos, ME Gonzales

Neuropathology | Published : 2000


Of the eight clinically defined neuropathies associated with HIV infection, there is compelling evidence that acute and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (IDPN) have an autoimmune pathogenesis. Many non-HIV infected individuals who suffer from sensory-motor nerve dysfunction have autoimmune indicators. The immunopathogenesis of demyelination must involve neuritogenic components in myelin. The various antigens suspected to play a role in HIV-seronegative IDPN include (i) P2 protein; (ii) sulfatide (GalS); (iii) various gangliosides (especially GM1); (iv) galactocerebroside (GalC); and (v) glycoproteins or glycolipids with the carbohydrate epitope glucuronyl-3-sulfate. These gl..

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