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CSIRO High-precision Measurement of Atmospheric CO2 Concentration in Australia. Part 2: Cape Grim, Surface CO2 Measurements and Carbon Cycle Modelling

GI Pearman, PJ Fraser, JR Garratt

Historical Records of Australian Science | Published : 2017


A companion paper discusses the history of, and rationale for, the development of a CSIRO programme of atmospheric carbondioxide (CO2) concentration measurements in Australia based on aircraft air sampling, field and laboratory measurements.1 Here, we describe parallel efforts to establish a permanent, ground-based atmospheric Baseline Station at Cape Grim, north-west Tasmania, the political activity required for its establishment, and the work undertaken to select a site commensurate with its long-term objectives. Additional CO2 measurements undertaken to complement the aircraft and Cape Grim measurements are discussed. The development of the Australian Baseline Station was part of an emerg..

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