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Polis outside the agora

L Radford

Bus Projects | Published : 2016


The 14 Categories of Stadia: a) for football, b) on television, c) where pigs graze, d) having been lit by flares, e) where washing is hung, f) home, g) away, h) archived, i) undercover, j) elephant walks, k) in need of weeding, l) for marching bands, m) the future, n) that when photographed from a helicopter look like a zero branded into the earth. The stadium is a place where absurdity is repudiated, through sport, while embraced, through politics. Not only a sports arena it is a carnival ground, museum, prison and theatre. It is both local and global, and embodies community, rebellion, farce and fascism (sometimes all simultaneously). In the Stadium (the 14 categories) explores the ambigu..

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