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Projections to the inferior olive of the cat. II. Comparisons of input from the gracile, cuneate and the spinal trigeminal nuclei.

KJ Berkley, PJ Hand

J Comp Neurol | Published : 1978


The present experiments compared the projections to the inferior olive of the cat from the gracile, cuneate and spinal trigeminal nuclei. A differential labeling strategy was used for these comparisons. It was found that all three somatic sensory nuclei project to portions of all three major divisions of the contralateral inferior olive. The spinal trigeminal n. may also project less densely to the ipsilateral medial accessory olive. Projections to the dorsal accessory nucleus (DAO) and the medially-adjacent ventral lamella of the principal nucleus are roughly somatotopically organized. Although there is considerable overlap between the projection zones, the gracile n. projects predominantly..

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