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The role of norepinephrine in adult rat somatosensory (SmI) cortical metabolism and plasticity.

BE Levin, RL Craik, PJ Hand

Brain Res | Published : 1988


Stimulation of rat facial vibrissae increases glucose utilization in the corresponding barrels (lamina IV) and associated columns in laminae I-VIa of the contralateral first somatosensory (SmI) cortex as assessed autoradiographically by the uptake of [14C]2-deoxy-glucose (2-DG). Chronic deafferentation (2 months) by bilateral vibrissectomy with sparing of the C3 vibrissa (SC3) in adult Sprague-Dawley rats produced no change in the rate of LCGU but led to an increased areal extent of the metabolic representation of the SC3 barrel (39%, P less than 0.001) and column (31%, P less than 0.003) as compared to rats with fully intact vibrissae. In other rats with intact facial vibrissae, 6-hydroxydo..

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