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Rats recovering from unilateral barrel-cortex ischemia are capable of completing a whisker-dependent task using only their affected whiskers.

John R Hoffman, Joel H Greenberg, Daisuke Furuya, Rebecca L Craik, Patrick Fanelli, Steven Breslow, Shaun Sheehan, Andrea Ketschek, Christa Damkaoutis, Martin Reivich, Peter Hand

Brain Res | Published : 2003


Rats use their vibrissae for a variety of exploratory tasks including location of objects and discrimination of texture. This study examines recovery in vibrissal function following a unilateral ischemic injury to the somatosensory cortex. Vibrissal function was examined in adult food-restricted rats performing on a two-texture discrimination device. Animals were trained and tested until the criteria of >80% correct choices was demonstrated on three consecutive days. Ischemic rats were constrained to use the affected whiskers by clipping the ipsilateral vibrissae. One group was tested after ischemia, a second group was trained before ischemia and then tested, and a third group was pre-traine..

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