Journal article

The development of the vibrissal cortical column: a 2-deoxyglucose study in the rat.

M Kossut, P Hand

Neurosci Lett | Published : 1984


A column of SI cortex responding to stimulation of a single vibrissa can be visualized with [14C]2-deoxyglucose (2-DG) autoradiography. The development of C3 vibrissal column was investigated in rat pups aged 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 21 days. A patch of label corresponding to higher glucose utilization appeared at postnatal day (p.d.) 4 to 6 in the cortical plate. Between p.d. 6 and 12 it developed into a spindle-shaped column. The infragranular layers showed metabolic activation later than the upper laminae. The suitability of the 2-DG technique for studies of infant mammalian brain is discussed.