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Three-dimensional reconstruction of activated columns from 2-[14C]deoxy-D-glucose data.

AF Goldszal, OJ Tretiak, PJ Hand, S Bhasin, DL McEachron

Neuroimage | Published : 1995


Three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction of autoradiograms can provide new insights into the functional relationship of neural regions. To reach full potential, however, 3-D reconstruction must be both accurate and efficient. In this paper, we present a novel image matching algorithm that simultaneously aligns a set of serial sections and uses the method to reconstruct whisker barrels from the rat cerebral cortex. We initially compared several alignment techniques and found that our Multi-Set Registration (MSR) algorithm produced superior accuracy. This algorithm is based on a least-squares minimization technique and is able to simultaneously register a set of serial sections with subpixel pre..

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