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PHIP - a novel candidate breast cancer susceptibility locus on 6q14.1

Xiang Jiao, Christos Aravidis, Rajeshwari Marikkannu, Johanna Rantala, Simone Picelli, Tatjana Adamovic, Tao Liu, Paula Maguire, Barbara Kremeyer, Liping Luo, Susanna Von Holst, Vinaykumar Kontham, Jessada Thutkawkorapin, Sara Margolin, Quan Du, Johanna Lundin, Kyriaki Michailidou, Manjeet K Bolla, Qin Wang, Joe Dennis Show all



Most non-BRCA1/2 breast cancer families have no identified genetic cause. We used linkage and haplotype analyses in familial and sporadic breast cancer cases to identify a susceptibility locus on chromosome 6q. Two independent genome-wide linkage analysis studies suggested a 3 Mb locus on chromosome 6q and two unrelated Swedish families with a LOD >2 together seemed to share a haplotype in 6q14.1. We hypothesized that this region harbored a rare high-risk founder allele contributing to breast cancer in these two families. Sequencing of DNA and RNA from the two families did not detect any pathogenic mutations. Finally, 29 SNPs in the region were analyzed in 44,214 cases and 43,532 controls fr..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The study was supported by grants provided by the Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden), the Stockholm County Council (ALF project), the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsradet), the Stockholm Cancer Society (Radiumhemsfonderna) and Bert von Kantzows and Nilsson-Ehle's foundations. BCAC is funded by Cancer Research UK (C1287/A16563, C1287/A10118), the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant numbers 634935 and 633784 for BRIDGES and B-CAST respectively), and by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement number 223175 (grant number HEALTH-F2-2009-223175) (COGS). Funding for the iCOGS infrastructure came from: the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no 223175 (HEALTH-F2-2009-223175) (COGS), Cancer Research UK (C1287/A10118, C1287/A10710, C12292/A11174, C1281/A12014, C5047/A8384, C5047/A15007, C5047/A10692, C8197/A16565), the National Institutes of Health (CA128978) and Post-Cancer GWAS initiative (1U19 CA148537, 1U19 CA148065 and 1U19 CA148112 - the GAME-ON initiative), the Department of Defence (W81XWH-10-1-0341), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) for the CIHR Team in Familial Risks of Breast Cancer, Komen Foundation for the Cure, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Funding of individual BCAC studies is listed in the Supplemental Note.