Journal article

Ngarranggarni, Gija Two Way Learning and the University of Melbourne

R Sloggett, G Nodea

University of Melbourne Collections | University of Melbourne, University Library | Published : 2017


This paper examines the relationship between the Gija Elders artists, and art workers and at the Warmun Art Centre, and the staff and students at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne developed into a tertiary education program, led by Gija Elders. It discusses how this relationship was built from the response by Gija people and the University of Melbourne to a contemporary crisis, the decimation of Warmun by a major flood in March 2011. It examines how an understanding of the importance of the Gija lived belief in Ngarranggarni has guided the formation of this strong relationship between Warmun and the University. It explores the framework wi..

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