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A2B5-reactive ganglioside expression is an index of differentiation in rat insulinoma (RIN) cells.

RK Bartholomeusz, IL Campbell, LC Harrison

Endocrinology | Published : 1990


To investigate the relationship between surface ganglioside expression and pancreatic islet cell differentiation, we examined the function of five rat insulinoma (RIN-m5F) sublines A4, A6, A7, A10, and A12 selected for increased expression of A2B5-reactive gangliosides, as well as a subline AlGh, low in A2B5- but high in 3G5-reactive ganglioside expression. Class I major histocompatibility (MHC) protein expression was also measured in the sublines because of our previous finding that class I proteins were preferentially expressed on human insulinoma tissue compared with differentiated islet cells. In comparison with parental RIN-m5F cells, subline A12 displayed a 7.6-fold increase in A2B5 ex..

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