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Tumor-derived exosomes in ovarian cancer - liquid biopsies for early detection and real-time monitoring of cancer progression.

Shayna Sharma, Felipe Zuñiga, Gregory E Rice, Lewis C Perrin, John D Hooper, Carlos Salomon

Oncotarget | Published : 2017


Ovarian cancer usually has a poor prognosis because it predominantly presents as high stage disease. New approaches are required to develop more effective early detection strategies and real-time treatment response monitoring. Nano-sized extracellular vesicles (EVs, including exosomes) may provide an approach to enrich tumor biomarker detection and address this clinical need. Exosomes are membranous extracellular vesicles of approximately 100 nm in diameter that have potential to be used as biomarkers and therapeutic delivery tools for ovarian cancer. Exosomal content (proteins and miRNA) is often parent cell specific thus providing an insight or "fingerprint" of the intracellular environmen..

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