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Radioimmunoassay of gastrin: studies in pernicious anaemia.

J Hansky, MG Korman, C Soveny, DJ St John

Gut | Published : 1971


Serum gastrin levels in patients with pernicious anaemia were measured by immunoassay in the fasting state, following gastric perfusion with 0.9% saline, 0.1N hydrochloric acid, and solutions of increasing acidity, and after the intravenous injection or infusion of secretin. The fasting serum gastrin level was measured in 21 patients with pernicious anaemia and found to be elevated at 1,036 +/- 215 pg per ml. Gastric perfusion with saline (pH 4.7) caused a mean fall in serum gastrin of 30% in four patients; perfusion with hydrochloric acid caused a further slight fall. Perfusion with solutions of increasing acidity resulted in a sharp fall in serum gastrin levels when the acidity was changed..

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