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Seeds of Life, Seeds of Hunger: Corporate Agendas, Seed Sovereignty and Agricultural Development (Indonesia, East Timor)

T Reuter

Anthropology of Food | Anthropology of Food | Published : 2017


In this paper, I briefly look at the equity track record, inherent ecological risks and potential for self-reform of industrial agriculture in general, juxtaposed with emerging alternatives based on the principles of traditional and/or organic farming. A more detailed assessment of how this controversy manifests within the seed industry follows. Therein, the main focus is on the clash between a hybrid and GMO oriented seed industry and farmers calls for ‘seed sovereignty,’ which is a vital element within the wider paradigm of food sovereignty-based sustainable agriculture. I will use examples from my own research in Indonesia and, less so, in Timor Leste (East Timor) to highlight associated ..

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