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The Beringian Coevolution Project: holistic collections of mammals and associated parasites reveal novel perspectives on evolutionary and environmental change in the North

Joseph A Cook, Kurt E Galbreath, Kayce C Bell, Mariel L Campbell, Suzanne Carriere, Jocelyn P Colella, Natalie G Dawson, Jonathan L Dunnum, Ralph P Eckerlin, Vadim Fedorov, Stephen E Greiman, Genevieve MS Haas, Voitto Haukisalmi, Heikki Henttonen, Andrew G Hope, Donavan Jackson, Thomas S Jung, Anson V Koehler, John M Kinsella, Dianna Krejsa Show all

Arctic Science | CANADIAN SCIENCE PUBLISHING | Published : 2017

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by National Science Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the financial support of the National Science Foundation (9972154, 0196095, 0415668, 1258010, 1256943, 1523410), USDA Forest Service (Tongass National Forest and Pacific Northwest Laboratory), Alaska Department of Fish and Game, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management, and National Park Service. We also acknowledge the natural resource agencies in the United States, Mongolia, Russia, and Canada that have provided logistical support, specimens, and permits for our investigations across the greater Beringian region. Too many individuals have contributed their time or specimens to this project over the past 18 years to be able to thank them all. In particular, though, we note the great efforts of N. Dokuchaev, A. Lazuhtkin, J. Baichtal, T. Hanley, K. Hastings, R. Flynn, T. Schumacher, K. Beckmen, H. Schwantje, E. Jenkins, R. Popko, A. Veitch, and B. Elkins.