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Dynamic virtual machine consolidation algorithms for energy-efficient cloud resource management: A review

MA Khan, A Paplinski, AM Khan, M Murshed, R Buyya

Sustainable Cloud and Energy Services: Principles and Practice | Springer International Publishing | Published : 2018


Virtual machine (VM) consolidation is one of the key mechanisms of designing an energy-efficient dynamic Cloud resource management system. It is based on the premise that migrating VMs into fewer number of Physical Machines (PMs) can achieve both optimization objectives, increasing the utilization of Cloud servers while concomitantly reducing the energy consumption of the Cloud data center. However, packing more VMs into a single server may lead to poor Quality of Service (QoS), since VMs share the underlying physical resources of the PM. To address this, VM Consolidation (VMC) algorithms are designed to dynamically select VMs for migration by considering the impact on QoS in addition to the..

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