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The Isolation and Quantitation of Fetuin-A-Containing Calciprotein Particles from Biological Fluids.

Edward R Smith

Methods in Molecular Biology | Published : 2016


Multiple overlapping systemic and local inhibitory networks have evolved to prevent the unwanted deposition of mineral at ectopic sites. Fetuin-A is a liver-derived glycoprotein abundant in plasma that binds and stabilizes nascent mineral ion nuclei to form soluble colloidal high molecular weight complexes, called calciprotein particles (CPP). The binding of fetuin-A to mineral retards crystal ripening and precipitation from the aqueous phase, thereby facilitating the regulated clearance of mineral debris from the extracellular fluid. However, persistent disturbances in this humoral homeostatic system, as frequently seen in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, may lead to the accumulation a..

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