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AtCSLD3 and GhCSLD3 mediate root growth and cell elongation downstream of the ethylene response pathway in Arabidopsis

Huizhen Hu, Ran Zhang, Shuchao Dong, Ying Li, Chunfen Fan, Yanting Wang, Tao Xia, Peng Chen, Lingqiang Wang, Shengqiu Feng, Staffan Persson, Liangcai Peng



CSLD3, a gene of the cellulose synthase-like D family, affects root hair elongation, but its interactions with ethylene signaling and phosphate-starvation are poorly understood. Here, we aim to understand the role of CSLD3 in the context of the ethylene signaling and phosphate starvation pathways in Arabidopsis plant growth. Therefore, we performed a comparative analysis of the csld3-1 mutant, CSLD3-overexpressing lines, and ethylene-response mutants, such as the constitutive ethylene-response mutant i-ctr1. We found that CSLD3 overexpression enhanced root and hypocotyl growth by increasing cell elongation, and that the root growth was highly sensitive to ethylene treatment (1 µM ACC), in pa..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China

Awarded by National 111 Project

Awarded by ARC Future Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported in part by grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31571721, 31670296) and the National 111 Project (B08032). SP was funded by a R@MAP Professorship at University of Melbourne and an ARC Future Fellowship grant (FT160100218). We would like to thank Dr Mieke Van Lijsebettens (Universiteit Ghent, Belgium) for kindly providing the csld3-1 mutant. We also thank Kexing Xin, Yuyang Li, Shiguang Zhou, and Jiangfeng Huang for technical assistance with the laser scanning confocal microscope, immunofluorescent labeling experiments, and cell wall composition analysis.