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Regulation of carbonic anhydrase III by thyroid hormone: opposite modulation in slow- and fast-twitch skeletal muscle.

P Frémont, C Lazure, RR Tremblay, M Chrétien, PA Rogers

Biochem Cell Biol | Published : 1987


This laboratory previously reported that a major 30 kilodalton (kDa) protein of the soluble cytoplasmic fraction of the rat slow-twitch soleus muscle is modulated by thyroid hormone. This protein has been purified and a portion of the primary structure has been determined. The sequence analysis suggested that the 30-kDa protein is carbonic anhydrase III (CA III; EC The reaction of the protein with a CA III specific antibody and the similar modulation of CA III by thyroid hormone also support this conclusion. Immunochemical quantification of CA III and measurement of CA activity were performed in skeletal muscles of defined fiber-type composition from rats that were rendered hyperth..

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