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Persistence of an embryonic intermediate filament-associated protein in the smooth muscle cells of elastic arteries and in Purkinje fibres.

M Vincent, S Levasseur, RW Currie, PA Rogers

Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology | Published : 1991


During differentiation of most myogenic tissues, vimentin is transiently expressed as the intermediate filament (IF) protein subunit and is progressively replaced by desmin. However, smooth muscle cells of mature vascular tissue contain variable amounts of vimentin whose cellular content decreases as function of the distance from the heart. IFAPa-400 is a developmentally regulated IF crosslinker protein whose expression appears to parallel that of vimentin during chick myogenesis. Immunohistological and immunoblot techniques were employed to study the expression of this protein in cardiac and vascular smooth muscle cells of the adult chicken. As observed for vimentin, the expression of IFAPa..

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