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Inhibition of carbonic anhydrases in type I muscle fibers influences contractility.

C Côté, D Tremblay, H Riverin, P Frémont, PA Rogers

Can J Physiol Pharmacol | Published : 1989


We tested the effects of inhibiting the carbonic anhydrase activity of rat soleus and extensor digitorum longus muscles on the isometric contractile properties and the resistance to fatigue. SOL and EDL muscles from female rats were incubated in vitro in the presence of methazolamide, a specific inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase, before determining their contractile properties. Methazolamide had no effects on the contractile properties of the soleus muscle (10(-5) or 10(-3) M) and extensor digitorum longus (10(-3) M), except for the half-relaxation time of the soleus muscle which increased significantly. Values for half-relaxation time were significantly increased with both concentrations of t..

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