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Fatigue and recovery of rat soleus muscle are influenced by inhibition of an intracellular carbonic anhydrase isoform.

P Frémont, H Riverin, J Frenette, PA Rogers, C Côté

Am J Physiol | Published : 1991


Carbonic anhydrase III (CA III; EC is the most abundant cytosolic enzyme in type I skeletal muscle fibers. Methazolamide, a specific CA inhibitor, was used to characterize the effects of inhibiting CA III on the resistance to fatigue and recovery of the rat soleus muscle using a 60-min fatigue protocol performed in vitro at 25 degrees C. Incubation with 10(-3) M methazolamide resulted in a smaller decrease in tension production during the fatigue protocol, thereby increasing the total tension-time integral for the fatigue test. However, the rate and extent of recovery after the test were lower in the experimental group compared with the control group. A similar effect was observed a..

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