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Preparation of messenger RNA from mature skeletal and cardiac muscle.

PA Rogers, GH Jones

Biochemistry and Cell Biology | Published : 1982


Messenger RNA (poly(A) + RNA) has been prepared from mature skeletal muscle of adult rats by several procedures. These procedures involved oligodT-cellulose chromatography of either muscle polyribosomes (method 1), polysomal RNA isolated by CsCl gradient centrifugation of muscle polysomes (method 2), total muscle RNA isolated by CsCl gradient centrifugation (method 3), or total muscle RNA prepared by phenol extraction (method 4). Each procedure produced RNA in significant yields which sedimented in a broad band (from 4S to greater than 28S) on sodium dodecyl sulfate--sucrose gradients. In addition, poly (A) + RNA from each procedure stimulated protein synthesis in the wheat germ cell-free sy..

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