Journal article

Acetazolamide-sensitive and resistant carbonic anhydrase activity in rat and rabbit skeletal muscles of different fiber type composition.

P Frémont, S Boudriau, RR Tremblay, C Côté, PA Rogers

Int J Biochem | Published : 1989


1. Acetazolamide (ACET)-resistant and -sensitive carbonic anhydrase (CA) activity was measured in post-mitochondrial supernatants from the soleus (SOL), deep vastus lateralis (DVL) and superficial vastus lateralis (SVL) muscles of rats and rabbits. 2. The relative total CA activity in the three muscles of both species can be summarized as SOL greater than DVL greater than SVL. 3. ACET-resistant CA activity was found in the SOL and DVL muscles of both species whereas a low level of ACET-sensitive CA activity was detected in the SVL muscle. 4. ACET-sensitive CA activity was also found in sarcoplasmic reticulum preparations from rat and rabbit SOL muscles.