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Application of semi-rigid composite permeable pavements in road network

A Mohammadinia, M Miri Disfani, undefined Narsilio, undefined Hemachandra, L Aye, H Khabbaz (ed.), C Rujikiatkamjorn (ed.)

Geotechnical Innovations and Challenges for Transport Infrastructure | The Australian Geomechanics Society | Published : 2017


Use of Permeable Paving Systems (PPS) in road transport networks has been gaining more attention due to benefits such as minimising surface run-off, decreasing the risk of flash flooding and reducing pollutants deposited in waterways. Simultaneously the increasing stockpiles of waste tyre and its non-biodegradable nature leading to negative environmental impacts and associated hazards have posed increased attention to seek innovative sustainable solutions for reducing tyre stockpiles. Crumb rubber has enhanced properties that allow it to be a suitable substitution for rock aggregate in PPS. By using mixtures of tyre and rock aggregates and engineered level of binders the flexibility of PPS c..

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