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Training the salmon's genes: influence of aerobic exercise, swimming performance and selection on gene expression in Atlantic salmon

Nicholas A Robinson, Gerrit Timmerhaus, Matthew Baranski, Oivind Andersen, Harald Takle, Aleksei Krasnov

BMC GENOMICS | BMC | Published : 2017


BACKGROUND: Farmed and wild Atlantic salmon are exposed to many infectious and non-infectious challenges that can cause mortality when they enter the sea. Exercise before transfer promotes growth, health and survival in the sea. Swimming performance in juveniles at the freshwater parr stage is positively associated with resistance to some diseases. Genetic variation is likely to affect response to exercise. In this study we map genetic differences associated with aerobic exercise, swimming performance and genetic origin. Eggs from the selectively bred Bolaks salmon and wild Lærdal River salmon strains were reared until parr in a common environment. Swimming performance was assessed by subjec..

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