Journal article

Metabolomic Profiles of a Midge (Procladius villosimanus, Kieffer) Are Associated with Sediment Contamination in Urban Wetlands

Katherine J Jeppe, Konstantinos A Kouremenos, Kallie R Townsend, Daniel F MacMahon, David Sharley, Dedreia L Tull, Ary A Hoffmann, Vincent Pettigrove, Sara M Long

METABOLITES | MDPI | Published : 2017


Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Melbourne Water for funding this research and the researchers at CAPIM for their help collecting samples, running bioassays and commenting on the manuscript. We are also grateful to the Chemistry Department at The University of Melbourne for performing the GC-MS analysis of chemicals in the sediment samples and the staff at Metabolomics Australia for performing the GC-MS and LC-MS metabolomic analysis.