Original Creative Work

Accidental Hero

L Hubbard

Platform Artists Space | Published : 2017


Accidental Hero is an image transported to Australia from Antwerp as a portal that folds in space and time: a window turned Billboard, turned window, turned portal. Accidental Hero loops site and purpose; the image taken from footage filmed by the artist at the historic lock-keepers's house in Antwerp (now an international artist's residency). Hubbard has created a trompe l'oeil not painted, a photographic still from Angle of Incidence, a video work in progress. The visible 'control bar' acts asa nod to the prominent barcode feature on the building. With Accidental Hero, Hubbard has bricked-up a slice of Antwerp history. Standing in the open window, our accidental hero is a long way form the..

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