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Language-General Auditory-Visual Speech Perception: Thai-English and Japanese-English McGurk Effects.

Denis Burnham, Barbara Dodd

Multisens Res | Published : 2018


Cross-language McGurk Effects are used to investigate the locus of auditory-visual speech integration. Experiment 1 uses the fact that [], as in 'sing', is phonotactically legal in word-final position in English and Thai, but in word-initial position only in Thai. English and Thai language participants were tested for 'n' perception from auditory [m]/visual [] (A[m]V[]) in word-initial and -final positions. Despite English speakers' native language bias to label word-initial [] as 'n', the incidence of 'n' percepts to A[m]V[] was equivalent for English and Thai speakers in final and initial positions. Experiment 2 used the facts that (i) [ð] as in 'that' is not present in Japanese, and (ii) ..

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