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Cross-sectional associations of albuminuria among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults: the eGFR Study

JT Hughes, LJ Maple-Brown, M Thomas, PD Lawton, A Sinha, A Cass, F Barzi, GRD Jones, G Jerums, RJ MacIsaac, K O'Dea, WE Hoy

NEPHROLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2018


OBJECTIVE: To describe the detailed associations of albuminuria among a contemporary cohort of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to inform strategies for chronic kidney disease prevention and management. METHODS: A cross-sectional analysis of Indigenous participants of the eGFR Study. MEASURES: Clinical, biochemical and anthropometric measures were collected (including body-circumferences, blood pressure (BP); triglycerides, HbA1c, liver function tests, creatinine; urine- microscopic-haem, albumin: creatinine ratio (ACR), prescriptions- angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor II antagonist (ACEI/ARB). Albuminuria and diabetes were defined by an ACR>3.0 mg/m..

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Awarded by NHMRC Fellowship

Awarded by NHMRC Program

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the participants, study staff, community facilitators, and other investigators (L. Ward, R. MacDermott, L.S. Piers, K. Warr, S. Cherian, and W. Majoni) of the eGFR Study; Roche Diagnostics for enzymatic creatinine reagents; and Melbourne Pathology for technical support in enzymatic creatinine analysis. JH was supported by NHMRC Fellowship #1092576 and Jacquot Research Establishment Award; LMB was supported by NHMRC Fellowship #1078477; PDL was supported by NHMRC Scholarship #1038721 and Jacquot Research Establishment Award. FB was supported by NHMRC Program Grant #631947. The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the NHMRC. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish or preparation of the manuscript.