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ADGRV1 is implicated in myoclonic epilepsy

Kenneth A Myers, Steven Nasioulas, Amber Boys, Jacinta M McMahon, Howard Slater, Paul Lockhart, Desiree du Sart, Ingrid E Scheffer

EPILEPSIA | WILEY | Published : 2018


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the significance of variation in ADGRV1 (also known as GPR98, MASS1, and VLGR1), MEF2C, and other genes at the 5q14.3 chromosomal locus in myoclonic epilepsy. METHODS: We studied the epilepsy phenotypes of 4 individuals with 5q14.3 deletion and found that all had myoclonic seizures. We then screened 6 contiguous genes at 5q14.3, MEF2C, CETN3, MBLAC2, POLR3G, LYSMD3, and ADGRV1, in a 95-patient cohort with epilepsy and myoclonic seizures. Of these genes, point mutations in MEF2C cause a phenotype involving seizures and intellectual disability. A role for ADGRV1 in epilepsy has been proposed previously, based on a recessive mutation in the Frings mouse model of audiog..

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