Journal article

Littlewood-Richardson coefficients for Grothendieck polynomials from integrability

Michael Wheeler, Paul Zinn-Justin

Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal) | WALTER DE GRUYTER GMBH | Published : 2019


Abstract We study the Littlewood–Richardson coefficients of double Grothendieck polynomials indexed by Grassmannian permutations. Geometrically, these are the structure constants of the equivariant K-theory ring of Grassmannians. Representing the double Grothendieck polynomials as partition functions of an integrable vertex model, we use its Yang–Baxter equation to derive a series of product rules for the former polynomials and their duals. The Littlewood–Richardson coefficients that arise can all be expressed in terms of puzzles without gashes, which generalize previous puzzles obtained by Knutson–Tao and Vakil.