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Autoimmune-diseaseprone NOD mice help to reveal a new genetic locus for reducing pulmonary disease caused by Mycoplasma pulmonis

NK Wawegama, PF Markham, CM Elso, A Kanci, MS Marenda, GF Browning, TC Brodnicki

Infection and Immunity | American Society for Microbiology | Published : 2018


© 2018 American Society for Microbiology. Mycoplasmas are bacterial pathogens of a range of animals, including humans, and are a common cause of respiratory disease. However, the host genetic factors that affect resistance to infection or regulate the resulting pulmonary inflammation are not well defined. We and others have previously demonstrated that nonobese diabetic (NOD) mice can be used to investigate disease loci that affect bacterial infection and autoimmune diabetes. Here we show that NOD mice are more susceptible than C57BL/6 (B6) mice to infection with Mycoplasma pulmonis, a natural model of pulmonary mycoplasmosis. The lungs of infected NOD mice had higher loads of M. pulmonis an..

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