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Index files for Belle II - Very small skim containers

M Sevior, T Bloomfield, T Kuhr, I Ueda, H Miyake, T Hara

Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Published : 2017


The Belle II experiment[1] employs the root file format[2] for recording data and is investigating the use of "index-files" to reduce the size of data skims. These files contain pointers to the location of interesting events within the total Belle II data set and reduce the size of data skims by 2 orders of magnitude. We implement this scheme on the Belle II grid by recording the parent file metadata and the event location within the parent file. While the scheme works, it is substantially slower than a normal sequential read of standard skim files using default root file parameters. We investigate the performance of the scheme by adjusting the "splitLevel" and "autoflushsize" parameters of ..

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