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An anatomic study of the triquetrum-hamate joint.

James McLean, Gregory Bain, Michael Eames, Quintin Fogg, Nicholas Pourgiezis

The Journal Of Hand Surgery | Published : 2006


PURPOSE: To investigate the articulating surface of the triquetrum-hamate joint (TqH). METHODS: The carpal bones of 46 wrist specimens were examined. The shape of the TqH joint surfaces were investigated, with focus on variations in the shape of the hamate and corresponding triquetrum and the presence and position of convex and concave surfaces. RESULTS: Two distinct patterns of hamate TqH articular surfaces were identified, designated type I (31 of 46) and type II (15 of 46). The triquetral TqH articular surface also was found to have 2 distinct patterns, designated type A (18 of 46) and type B (15 of 46). Of the triquetrums examined 13 of 46 had characteristics that were a variable mixture..

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