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Artificial Dendritic Cells: Multi-faceted Perspectives

Julie Greensmith, Uwe Aickelin

HUMAN-CENTRIC INFORMATION PROCESSING THROUGH GRANULAR MODELLING | Studies in Computational Intelligence | Human-Centric Information Processing Through Granular Modelling | Published : 2009


Dendritic cells are the crime scene investigators of the human immune system. Their function is to correlate potentially anomalous invading entities with observed damage to the body. The detection of such invaders by dendritic cells results in the activation of the adaptive immune system, eventually leading to the removal of the invader from the host body. This mechanism has provided inspiration for the development of a novel bio-inspired algorithm, the Dendritic Cell Algorithm. This algorithm processes information at multiple levels of resolution, resulting in the creation of information granules of variable structure. In this chapter we examine the multi-faceted nature of immunology and ho..

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