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Idiotypic Immune Networks in Mobile Robot Control

Amanda Whitbrook, Uwe Aickelin, Jonathan M Garibaldi

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part B | IEEE Press | Published : 2007


Jerne's idiotypic-network theory postulates that the immune response involves interantibody stimulation and suppression, as well as matching to antigens. The theory has proved the most popular artificial immune system (AIS) model for incorporation into behavior-based robotics, but guidelines for implementing idiotypic selection are scarce. Furthermore, the direct effects of employing the technique have not been demonstrated in the form of a comparison with nonidiotypic systems. This paper aims to address these issues. A method for integrating an idiotypic AIS network with a reinforcement-learning (RL)-based control system is described, and the mechanisms underlying antibody stimulation and s..

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