Book Chapter

Review: Security and Privacy Issues of Fog Computing for the Internet of Things (IoT)

BNB Ekanayake, M Halgamuge, A Syed

Cognitive Computing for Big Data Systems Over IoT | Springer International Publishing | Published : 2018


Internet of Things (IoT), devices, and remote data centers need to connect. The purpose of fog is to reduce the amount of data transported for processing, analysis, and storage, to speed-up the computing processes. The gap between, Fog computing technologies and devices need to narrow down as growth in business today relies on the ability to connect to digital channels for processing large amounts of data. Cloud computing is unfeasible for many internet of things applications, therefore fog computing is often seen as a viable alternative. Fog is suitable for many IoT services as it has enabled an extensive collection of benefits, such as decreased bandwidth, reduced latency, and enhanced sec..

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