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Exploration Of The Dendritic Cell Algorithm With The Duration Calculus

Feng Gu, Julie Greensmith, Uwe Aickelin

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems (ICARIS 2009), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5666, York, UK | Springer | Published : 2009


As one of the newest members in Artificial Immune Systems (AIS), the Dendritic Cell Algorithm (DCA) has been applied to a range of problems. These applications mainly belong to the field of anomaly detection. However, real-time detection, a new challenge to anomaly detection, requires improvement on the real-time capability of the DCA. To assess such capability, formal methods in the research of rea-time systems can be employed. The findings of the assessment can provide guideline for the future development of the algorithm. Therefore, in this paper we use an interval logic based method, named the Duration Calculus (DC), to specify a simplified single-cell model of the DCA. Based on the DC s..

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