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Modelling Electrical Car Diffusion Based on Agents

Lei Yu, Tao Zhang, Peer-Olaf Siebers, Uwe Aickelin

International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications (JDCTA) | Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology Research Center | Published : 2012


Replacing traditional fossil fuel vehicles with innovative zero-emission vehicles for the transport in cities is one of the major tactics to achieve the UK government 2020 target of cutting emission. We are developing an agent-based simulation model to study the possible impact of different governmental interventions on the diffusion of such vehicles. Options that could be studied with our what-if analysis to include things like car parking charges, price of electrical car, energy awareness and word of mouth. In this paper we present a first case study related to the introduction of a new car park charging scheme at the University of Nottingham. We have developed an agent based model to simu..

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