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Experimenting with innate immunity

Jamie Twycross, Uwe Aickelin

Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Immune Systems and Immune System Modelling (AISB06) | Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour | Published : 2006


libtissue is a software system for implementing and testing AIS algorithms on real-world computer security problems. AIS algorithms are implemented as a collection of cells, antigen and signals interacting within a tissue compartment. Input data to the tissue comes in the form of realtime events generated by sensors monitoring a system under surveillance, and cells are actively able to affect the monitored system through response mechanisms. libtissue is being used by researchers on a project at the University of Nottingham to explore the application of a range of immune-inspired algorithms to problems in intrusion detection. This talk describes the architecture and design of libtissue, alon..

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