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Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) - A New Paradigm for Heuristic Decision Making

Uwe Aickelin

Invited Keynote Talk at the Annual Operational Research Conference, York, UK | Operational Research Society | Published : 2004


Over the last few years, more and more heuristic decision making techniques have been inspired by nature, e.g. evolutionary algorithms, ant colony optimisation and simulated annealing. More recently, a novel computational intelligence technique inspired by immunology has emerged, called Artificial Immune Systems (AIS). This immune system inspired technique has already been useful in solving some computational problems. In this keynote, we will very briefly describe the immune system metaphors that are relevant to AIS. We will then give some illustrative real-world problems suitable for AIS use and show a stepby- step algorithm walkthrough. A comparison of AIS to other well-known algorithms a..

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