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On Affinity Measures for Artificial Immune System Movie Recommenders

Uwe Aickelin, Qi Chen

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on: Recent Advances in Soft Computing (RASC2004) | Nottingham Trent University | Published : 2004


We combine Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) technology with Collaborative Filtering (CF) and use it to build a movie recommendation system. We already know that Artificial Immune Systems work well as movie recommenders from previous work by Cayzer and Aickelin ([3], [4], [5]). Here our aim is to investigate the effect of different affinity measure algorithms for the AIS. Two different affinity measures, Kendall’s Tau and Weighted Kappa, are used to calculate the correlation coefficients for the movie recommender. We compare the results with those published previously and show that that Weighted Kappa is more suitable than others for movie problems. We also show that AIS are generally robust m..

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