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Explicit Learning: an Effort towards Human Scheduling Algorithms

Jingpeng Li, Uwe Aickelin

Proceedings of the 1st Multidisciplinary International Conference on Scheduling: Theory and Applications (MISTA2003) | Automated Scheduling,Optimisation and Planning Group (ASAP) | Published : 2003


Scheduling problems are generally NP-hard combinatorial problems, and a lot of research has been done to solve these problems heuristically. However, most of the previous approaches are problem-specific and research into the development of a general scheduling algorithm is still in its infancy. Mimicking the natural evolutionary process of the survival of the fittest, Genetic Algorithms (GAs) have attracted much attention in solving difficult scheduling problems in recent years. Some obstacles exist when using GAs: there is no canonical mechanism to deal with constraints, which are commonly met in most real-world scheduling problems, and small changes to a solution are difficult. To overcome..

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