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After the Fall: Regulatory Focus and Trustworthiness as Determinants of Negotiators’ Responses to a Crisis

M Olekalns, PV Caspi, D Druckman

Journal of Trust Research | Taylor & Francis | Published : 2017


In two experiments, we evaluated how negotiators’ intra- and interpersonal risk preferences influenced their actions following a crisis during their negotiation. To establish differences in risk preferences, we manipulated negotiators’ regulatory focus (intrapersonal risk) and trust in their opponent (interpersonal risk). In Experiments 1 and 2, we showed that negotiators who were in fit (promotion focus, affect-based trust; prevention focus, cognition-based trust) were more likely to favor the more risky option of continuing to negotiate with a new strategy than negotiators who were not in fit (promotion focus, cognition-based trust; prevention focus, affect-based trust). In E2, we also com..

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