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CoMet: a workflow using contig coverage and composition for binning a metagenomic sample with high precision

Damayanthi Herath, Sen-Lin Tang, Kshitij Tandon, David Ackland, Saman Kumara Halgamuge

BMC BIOINFORMATICS | BMC | Published : 2017


BACKGROUND: In metagenomics, the separation of nucleotide sequences belonging to an individual or closely matched populations is termed binning. Binning helps the evaluation of underlying microbial population structure as well as the recovery of individual genomes from a sample of uncultivable microbial organisms. Both supervised and unsupervised learning methods have been employed in binning; however, characterizing a metagenomic sample containing multiple strains remains a significant challenge. In this study, we designed and implemented a new workflow, Coverage and composition based binning of Metagenomes (CoMet), for binning contigs in a single metagenomic sample. CoMet utilizes coverage..

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