Book Chapter

Climate Guardian Angels: Feminist Ecology and the Activist Tradition

D Varney

Feminist Ecologies: Changing Environments in the Anthropocene | Palgrave Macmillan | Published : 2018


In this chapter, Denise Varney asks what happens when the environment becomes the subject and object of feminist enquiry as it does with ecofeminist performance, particularly around the concept of nature, with its associations with essentialism, and the innate qualities of character or things. While ecocriticism and theory is well developed in theatre and performance studies through Una Chaudhuri, Baz Kershaw, Wendy Arons and Theresa May, Steve Bottoms among others – ecofeminist performance remains a minority form of feminist theory and activism. She then considers the Australian activist ensemble, The Climate Guardians, members of whom dress as angels in long white gowns adorned with large ..

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