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Security and Infiltration of Networks: A Structural Controllability and Observability Perspective

A Chapman, M Mesbahi

Control of Cyber-Physical Systems | Springer | Published : 2013


This paper examines the role of structural controllability (s-controllability) in the design of secure linear-time-invariant networked systems. We reason about secure network design in the face of two attack vectors: a "Disrupt" attack where the infiltrator's objective is to perturb the network to render it unusable, and a "Highjack and eavesdrop" attack to actively control and probe the network. For the former attack, strong s-controllable input sets are chosen to control the network to provide robustness to these attacks. Weak s-controllable input sets are selected by infiltrators for the "Highjack and eavesdrop" attack so as to generically guarantee a successful attack. We provide necessa..

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