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Only Forward?: Toward Understanding Human Visual Behaviour when Examining Search Results

G Buchanan, D McKay, E Velloso, A Moffat, A Turpin, F Scholer

Proceedings of the 29th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction | Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) | Published : 2017


Search is near-ubiquitous in human society, being used for entertainment, health, financial and business information seeking. Traditional methods of search evaluation have assumed that searchers move forward through search results in a linear manner; early eye tracking studies have suggested the same. Recent research, though, including eye-tracking data, has demonstrated a number of counter-cases, particularly for search in complex conditions. These examples highlight how little we understand where humans look or what they are doing when examining search results: in this paper we undertake a broad survey of the literature to refine this research question, and suggest avenues for developing a..

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