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Mining, place and propriety in Queenstown: architectural propriety and belonging in social and environmental context

S King

Out of Place (Gwalia): Occasional Essays on Australian Regional Communities and Built Environments in Transition | UWA Publishing | Published : 2014


Experiences of place associated with the urbanisation of remote and d manding environments were shared across Australia’s latenineteenth century mining centres, from the arid inland goldfields of Western Australia to the rain-drenched gold, silver and copperlaced mountains of Tasmania’s isolated west coast. In these distant locations, wider ideas about propriety in architecture, or fitting responses for the siting, design and ornamentation of buildings, were influenced by particular environmental, political, economic and social factors, allied to the needs of mining companies and their workforces. This essay considers propriety in the mining town of Queenstown, in the vicinity of Mt Lyell on..

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